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Listen UP!

I know, the cute dog ear thing works every time. What I really want to talk to you about is your 2022 listen list & put in a plug for the Audible version of Success Faster On Fire Hot!

I published the book in fall 2020 & the Audible landed a few months later. It's seriously helping a lot of Realtors get unstuck - my favorite thing on the planet, you can call me Chief Nudger or the Unstuck Specialist. You see, I have sooo much experience with this stuck / unstuck thing. Stuck to unstuck, stuck to unstuck, stuck to unstuck, you actually start to get good at it & then you help others with the unstuck thing. And eventually there is much less stuck and so much more light & energy & flow & results & then you write a book. That's the Cliff Notes version.

If you listened to the Audible of the first book, Success Faster: Quickly Launch or Relaunch Your Real Estate Career, archive that one & get Success Faster On Fire Hot!, or On Fire Hot! for short, cause it's simply better & worth a listen up!

Here is my promise to you with the On Fire Hot! Audible:

  • it's my voice, my inflection

  • it's funny

  • it's an easy listen (my editor made me add 20 stories ... makes all the difference in the world for something to be an easy listen or read)

  • it's authentic & fresh

  • it will call you on your bullshit

  • it has a few swear words

  • it will help you unstick something in your business

  • when you apply the principles, you WILL be more successful

  • you will recognize that your next 10 clients are much closer and easier than you think

  • you'll want to gift it to a friend

Order yours today HERE!

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