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From Funk to Focus: A Testimonial

Funk happens

In the upsy downsy world of real estate, finding the right inspiration can be the key to getting out of the funk & turning your business around. Recently, an agent shared an inspiring testimonial about the transformative impact of "Success Faster On Fire Hot." This is why I am on the planet. Let's see if this resonates with you.

The right encouragement at the right time

Bobbi was in a Zoom with me last month. A seasoned Realtor, she was facing challenges, feeling stuck & in a professional funk. I guess we were in the right place at the right time.

I have been totally stuck and in a funk. What you have been saying in your book has really hit hard and fast with me. So I took the challenge to start reaching out to more people daily. And I have to tell you it WORKS!!! I mostly text them, saying I am checking in to see how they are doing, add something personal I remember about them. Today, two past clients called me back, we had great conversations about their lives and of course they ask me about RE. One is thinking about moving back to Oregon and the other wants me to watch for investment properties. I would not have had these conversations if I had not heard you speak. I so loved your, it became infectious...thank you!!! I am going to finish your book and I am making my text and calls EVERY DAY. I am ON FIRE HOT!!! Can't thank you enough, Bobbi

I have quite a few testimonials that line up with this message. If you're in a funk, I promise you that just a few chapters in to Success Faster On Fire Hot! will help, not just with the funk but with a decent nudge to get you into action.

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