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Your job is to go fishing every day.

They do not teach you this in real estate school. But this is what the top agents do. They go fishing every day.

Fishing for buyer & seller leads & opportunities to have decent real estate conversations.

You bait enough hooks & go fishing most days, then you'll pull in some fish.

Yes, you'll get a bunch of nibbles, some pesky perch, some days no action, some times a big bite, a bit hit on your bait & then nothing.

But if you go fishing every day, you keep showing up, keep baiting the hook, carrying your minnow bucket wherever you go, occasionally buy some new gear, a new lure, maybe a new pole or find a new fishin' hole, you will pull in some fish. Sometimes big, sometimes small, you will pull in fish.

If you have a keen eye, you'll find a fishin spot that hits big or satisfies your style.

Your job is to go fishing every day.

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