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What’s in Store for 2024?

eXp Realty and Zoocasa Team Up To Share Insights and Predictions

As we head into 2024, Realtors, home buyers, sellers and investors in the U.S. and Canada are curious about the opportunities and challenges in the real estate market. To shed light on this, eXp Realty and Zoocasa have collaborated to provide insightful reports on the anticipated trends for both countries! 

Predicting what’s to come in the United States real estate market is never a sure bet, but indicators from 2023, including economic fluctuations, buyer demographics, and the impact of recent global events help to bring things into focus. Several key observations collectively paint a picture of challenges and opportunities for real estate agents, homeowners and home buyers. Read the report here.

How this plays out in Austin may be different from most of the country as our economy continues to be one of the strongest in the country & people are moving here! We do have the low inventory ... mortgage rates are keeping some sellers on the sideline but that is improving. I still have properties selling in 1 week or 2 ... price it right & dress it up & the market responds.

What are your thoughts? What dynamics are you anticipating in your area?

If you're about to move to Austin, I would love to partner with you to find an awesome new pad ... & make sure you ask me about new construction.

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