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What are the eXp fees?

I get this question all the time. Here is the quick and skinny about agent fees at eXp Realty ...


$85 TECH & ED - pays for the full tech platform and the full education platform

Per Transaction

$25 Broker Review Fee

$40 E&O (caps at $500)

Then after you cap ... $250 Transaction Fee, starts after you cap. (The $250 transaction fee caps at $5000 and then goes to $75.)

Cap and Split

80/20% commission split until capping and then it goes to 100% commission

$16k cap no matter how many markets or states you are licensed in. This is less for team members if you are classified as a team. Domestic teams (married couple with two licenses) share one cap.

Top Agents

We call our top top agents, ICON agents. You qualify for ICON when you close approximately 20 transactions after you cap. ICON agents get their $16k cap back in stock any year they qualify. If you are at or approaching this level, see the link below to schedule a chat so we can run some numbers for you.

And then there is stock and revenue share, but that's income and another post.

What questions do you have? We can easily have a one-on-one conversation ... CLICK HERE to schedule a private call. We can discuss your numbers.

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