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Podcast with Nicholas Landis ... you have to have hope!

OMG, this is my favorite podcast interview this year! My dear friend, Nicholas Landis, is inspiring AF! I met Nicholas in 2015 when he first got his real estate license & showed up in my coaching office in need of a roadmap & an advocate. And if I recall, he landed a multi-million dollar client right away ... "no one ever said I couldn't, right?"

Fast forward 7 years & this gem of a human is flipping & developing like a boss and plans on creating 10,000 affordable housing units in 10 years ... oh, and is looking at incorporating 3D printing construction techniques. Yes, 3D has a future in construction & seriously reduces cost ... hence, makes sense to align with the massive need for affordable housing. The man has vision. And hope.

You have to have hope.

A few gems from our little chat:

  • For the underdog or the person who came from humble beginning: You can change your circumstance.

  • For the lost or those on pause: It's time to start chasing it.

  • For anyone not thinking big enough: You have to have hope.

Nicholas is one to watch. Oh, and you can watch him here ...

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