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Podcast: The Road to ICON

Michelle Burns devoured my book, Success Faster On Fire Hot!, on a flight from Vegas to Austin on our way home from a real estate conference in 2018. To say that the book spoke to her is a bit of an understatement as the very next day, Michelle made 50 phone calls. The book lit a fire and the 50 phone calls righted her ship.

You see, Michelle's business was running on empty, her pipeline was on life support, her cash flow was, well, not too flowy. Michelle had experienced the all-too-common real estate roller coaster of healthy business to not healthy, cash flow to not, confidence to a misplaced sense of self, from direction to lost ... the up then down then up then down cycle. Most of us have been there.

Michelle not only fixed the roller coaster thing, she climbed all the way to ICON, which is the coveted top producer award at our brokerage. So of course I needed Michelle on my podcast so we could share her story. Give it a listen ...

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