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Podcast with Rookie Sensation, Kristen Edwards ... 49 in 20 months!

Everyone always wants to know how to succeed in real estate. Well tune in, my friends, because this podcast episode features my friend Kristen Edwards in Houston who hit ICON / top 1% in her 2nd year in the business!

She's killing it!

49 transactions in 2 years!

And 2 days after she got her license, COVID hit! Learn what she did with that COVID lockdown (Realtors were shut down in HOU for 2 months) & continues today.

I figured if I hung out with the ICONs, the top 1%, then I couldn't fail.

In this podcast -- it's a long one, totally worth the watch! -- we dig into Kristen's formula, we dig into the emotion (it's part of the formula), we gain insight on her open house magic, and we talk a lot about leading with your heart.

Highlights include:

  • took 6-8 hours per day of classes

  • still takes a class a day, it's quiets the inner critic

  • epiphany ... hang with the ICON agents

  • lead with your heart

  • take inventory of your energy

  • you're 90 days away from having a total life change

Give it a listen & pass it on to any Realtor friend you know who needs a boost & some encouragement! Listen & hang out with enough people like Kristen, with the top 1%, & you will succeed!

You can follow the full TOP REALTOR PODCAST here on YouTube.

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