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Podcast Episode with Suzy Arriola! Always look forward!

This podcast features my pal Suzy Arriola out of Orange County, CA. Suzy is a luxury superstar, has been on more than one episode of Housewives of Orange County (I've been on a chicken mini series, Cooped Up [Tubi], not that we're competing or anything ... I see your housewife mansion drama & I'll raise you two hens), and is a fellow Iowa girl! We love our we-grew-up-in-Iowa sisterhood. We seem to start any chat with a little Iowa chat (Iowa, a great place to be from), our anchor, and then we quickly move on to real estate updates, advice, & coaching.

In this episode, we tap in to a few powerful questions like

  • What do you want? (and who is helping you get there?)

  • What is your exit strategy?

  • and Suzy's daily mantra ... Did my actions today work toward my future of tomorrow?

Oh, and we had an almost cameo by the kitten, Jax (aka The Toddler, biscuit, little bit, long girl). If you spend any sort of Zoom time with me, you may have had a Jax sighting.

Suzy is wildly successful (she's a big deal) and humble & kind.

Always look forward, my friends. Have a listen here ...

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