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Manifesting Your Dreams

Get aggressive & meaningful about your dreams, my friends. Let's talk about the concept of TAKING TANGIBLE STEPS & ACTIONS right now that reflect where you intend to be in a year or two, act as if it has already happened.

We are not just talking about having a goal, writing it down, having a daily mantra that supports it ... start there, definitely start there ... but I'm talking about the POWER STEP of actually doing something tangible that tells your brain that it is already happening. Your cells believe every bit of information you feed it (it's why mantras work & why negative self-talk is the greatest saboteur ever), with double potency for tangible actions vs thoughts or words.

A simple example is DRESS FOR SUCCESS ... show up dressed for the part. By doing so, this tangible thing of dressing for success, you actually activate a higher frequency in your brain (yes, this is part physics), in your cells. You know how you feel when you wear a pair of new shoes? Yeah, that feeling! So if you intend to sell luxury real estate, dress the part, wear the nice shoes, drive the nice car, tour all the luxury listings, live & breathe luxury real estate. Feed your brain the luxury message.

Cells have molecules that move & we have control over that frequency - negative thoughts & lack of movement can slow it down; positive thoughts, mantras, taking action all speed it up. And then, more physics, like energy attracts like energy. The higher the frequency of your intentions, the more those opportunities & people are going to show up in your path. You are speeding up your success.

If you only knew, just how incredibly, wonderfully close you already are to all that your heart desires… you'd be even closer. Simply know it and behave accordingly. - Notes From The Universe

I recently paid for an American Airlines Executive World Elite card, it gets me in to the Admirals Club at airports around the world and I get some priority boarding & seating benefits. Now, this may seem materialistic or may not mean anything to you, but for me it represents the increased travel I see in my future, and that increased travel will be easier travel for me & my companions. Yes, it had a somewhat handsome fee but I figure I'll get half of that back in baggage fees. And I knew taking this tangible step was the right thing for me right now. I am behaving as if the increased travel has already begun and just this one simple step, this purchase that has been on my mind for a while ... let's just say my cells believe what I tell them.

My business partner (& sis-in-law), Melanie, dreams of a lake house. A few weeks ago she actually went out & looked at a couple. So instead of just thinking about it, talking about it, googling it, setting up a Pinterest board with cool decorating ideas - all of those things helpful for energy & manifesting - she actually physically toured some properties. Finally. As her witness, it totally increased her energy around this really cool goal ... and I'm sure we will all be invited to come enjoy her new place.

So, what is one tangible thing you can do for you this week that can drive up your vibrational energy around an important goal or dream?

Get aggressive with your dreams, my friends. You're worth it.

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