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Legends Podcast with Kevin Du Toit

I recently appeared on the Kevin Du Toit Legends podcast. Kevin … best energy ever!!

Hosted by Kevin Du Toit (du-twa), Kevin is an industry powerhouse out of San Diego. His podcast series shares stories of Unsung Heroes, also known as Unknown Heroes or more literally as Nameless Heroes, Real-Life Heroes that are changing the World and contributing to our society to make it more comfortable for us and making the difference for the upcoming future and generations. Click below for a listen ...

A few of the things we discussed:

· How success starts in the mind.

· Your GPS game plan.

· The story behind the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Success Faster On Fire Hot!

· What are Ninja tricks?

· Why some of the most successful people are a bit boring.

You can find the full Legends podcast here.

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