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Google Calendar Add-on ...

The roadmap you've always needed to show you the way in your real estate career ...

What if you had a calendar in front of your face every day that told you exactly what to do in your business today & tomorrow & next week & the week after to build & maintain a client pipeline?

What if that calendar (your roadmap) included:

  • the daily, weekly, & monthly actionable steps that they never taught you in real estate school

  • very specific techniques that generate conversations

  • a heavy dose of follow-up accountability

  • YouTube-specific tasks

  • a 3pm catch-all that helps you win the day

  • a weekly Google Business page update

  • a daily CMA & what to do with it & why it's important

  • a weekly new construction project & how to promote it

  • and a solid dose of encouragement

What if it looked something like this ...

I got this idea from my friend & colleague, Sylvia Dana, aka the kvCORE Queen. Sylvia showed me this cool thing you can do with Google calendars where you can create a shareable calendar that is an overlay on your regular calendar & can toggle it on & off. Just like turning holidays on or off, or tasks, or the Texas football schedule (yeah, that exists).

Want direct access to this calendar? When you join me at eXp, you get the Coach Julie toolbox that includes:

  • the Coach Julie calendar

  • the Coach Julie YouTube launch program

  • 2 weekly masterminds

  • access to our top agents & mentors

  • private coaching with Coach Julie

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