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Family First

Family first.

The eXp opportunity has changed my financial outlook from 1 source of income to 3, doing the same amount of work, resulting in a seriously improved retirement strategy for me & my family .. I am way up financially (call me & I'll share that number with you) in 4 years compared to if I had stayed at my previous brokerage selling the same volume of real estate. And the financial trajectory is going to hockey-stick this year. I like being with publicly-held eXp … I have easy access to leadership and that stock, the equity thing is providing an opportunity that makes a lot of sense for me & the fam.

Most of my non-realtor friends make employment decisions all the time based on salary + stock / options / IPO + benefits. Realtors have industry options to choose brokerages based on the financial net opportunity which is why I think a lot of agents are looking at some of these models.

I know, you love your broker, I hear that all the time & I've been there ... but I say family first, broker second.

What options does your family need to move forward toward your family goals and is there a brokerage solution out there that helps you get there faster? Is there a better ROI on your time & effort?

If there is a better ROI, I think your family would want you to take a look.

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