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BUSINESS RESULTS SERIES: 30 CMA's in 30 Days Can Change Your Business

This post is part of my BUSINESS RESULTS SERIES where I outline a system to get juju & cashflow into your business fast! The BUSINESS RESULTS SERIES is designed to

..... get you out of your head, out of your funk, out of your marginal cash position

..... get you into your joy, into your juju, into action (action that moves you toward your goals in a tangible fashion)

..... support the badass you were meant to be.

The BUSINESS RESULTS SERIES requires the following to succeed:

  • commitment (or recommitment) to your dreams

  • commitment to action

  • commitment to forming a new habit

You will have your best results by adhering to the following:

  • having a minimum of one accountability partner

  • setting expectations with those around you (let them know what you are doing)

  • setting a non-negotiable schedule

  • keeping score

  • aiming for a perfect record

  • not judging your results until you complete the project

  • not over-thinking ... just doing, keeping it simple

Not quite enough leads in your pipeline to help you feel confident in your business & your bank account? We all know that roller coaster in real estate that messes with your psyche & your cash flow ... business up, business slow, pipeline healthy, pipeline on life-support, cash flow solid, cash flowing the wrong way. From confident to not so confident, from high-5 to stressed out.




It's stressful & robs you of your joy.

I have a solution.

Trust me on this ...

Follow the model ...

Do the work ...

Repeat ...

30 CMA's in 30 Days

... it can change your business. Here's how it works:

  • First, let's agree on this: you can do anything for one month straight. Yes you can.

  • Every day for one month, Saturdays & Sundays & holidays included, do one quick CMA.

  • The CMA is just for one neighborhood or one type of property in one area.

  • These CMA's are general, it is not a final price opinion, it's a quick look at a neighborhood o rmarket segment to see what is going on.

  • Each of these CMA's may take 5-10 minutes, max. If it's taking longer, then you're getting lost in the detail or you're a perfectionist or you love numbers & a good analysis. Don't let your perfection get in the way of progress.

  • Emphasis on these is QUICK & EASY.

  • If you're a data junkie or a perfectionist or both, set a timer for 5 minutes.

  • Run your CMA.

  • Make one social media post about it ... and tell folks you are doing one analysis a day for 30 days & who wants theirs done?

  • Email it to a friend or past client or acquaintance who lives in that area and CALL THEM.

  • Have a conversation with at least one person about the numbers.

  • Ask that person if there is another neighborhood in town they are curious about ... and then do that one either right on the spot or the next day & repeat.

  • Ask that person 3 lead gen questions with a "While we're on the topic, let me ask you a couple quick questions ...":

    • Are you anticipating any real estate needs this year?

    • Who do you know who may need my services?

    • Who do you know who mentioned real estate lately?

    • (I always like to tack on a "I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask you these questions every now & then ... my business is all referral & word of mouth, I appreciate your support.")

  • Repeat for 30 days.


There is no way you can go 30 days with this consistent activity & NOT get a lead or two or three!


Any questions?

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