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An Overview of the eXp Mentor Program

I want to outline the program & resources we have at eXp Realty for new agents. There are some state-specific new agent requirements, in this article we'll cover the basics.

First, a quick review of who is in the eXp Mentor Program:

Any new licensee that joins eXp Realty that has not completed a minimum of three real estate transactions (residential or land/lot sale) in the previous twelve (12) months prior to joining are required to participate in eXp’s Mentor Program. Each new agent is paired with an experienced agent who is a state broker approved Certified Mentor shortly after the new agent’s license is transferred to eXp Realty. Agents cannot opt out of the Mentor Program; it is up to the State Broker Team to determine if a mentee qualifies to be waived. When you are in the process of joining eXp, we will help you assess these requirements as it relates to your experience. New agents are in the Mentor Program until they have successfully closed 3 buy or sell transactions.

I will first outline the Mentor Fast Start Series then will outline other programs available for all agents.

The Mentor Program curriculum & components look like this:

The Fast Start Series

eXp University’s Fast Start Series was designed specifically for our new to the brokerage and new to the business agents. The Fast Start Series empowers our new agents to master the fundamentals quickly to help them launch their business within their first two weeks at eXp. Available both on-demand (sure, take your classes at 1am if that suits you) and live in our online campus.

Additional programs for all agents look like this:

The kvCORE Series

kvCORE is your cloud-based CRM, website, & comprehensive marketing & lead generation tool. kvCORE training includes:

  • Agent Quick Start

  • Agent Success Plan

  • Daily Calls & Task Management

  • DIY kvCORE

  • YouTube Library

  • CRM support group in Workplace

  • and so much more!

The Excel Series

The Excel Series is next level after Fast Start & is designed for any agent working on optimizing their businesses. Taught by top agents, new classes are always being added. Here is a sampling:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Listing Presentations

  • Negotiation That Works

  • Getting Buyers Under Contract Fast

  • The Agent Success Program (12 modules)

  • Real Estate Grit Series

  • Success With Listings Series

  • Prospecting Maximize Your Lead Flow

  • Pricing Rules

  • Keep Your Business Financially Healthy

  • and so much more!

The ICON Series

ICON agents are the top 1% of agents at eXp. The eXp ICON Series will empower you with specific process training to enhance and elevate your skills to help you hit your sales goals, whether you’re an ICON or a future ICON. Our ICON instructors share the steps they’re taking in their businesses right now to be successful. You’ll also gain fresh perspectives and insights you can implement to grow your business! Here is a sampling:

  • How to Market Yourself for Free on Social Media

  • How to Take 5-7 Listings Per Month

  • Winning With a Referral-based Business

  • Creating Your Personal Brand

  • Neighborhood Farming & Mindset

  • and so much more!

If you are not getting the training & support you need to build your business, your bank, your life, CLICK HERE to schedule a quick call with me to discuss your goals & how partnering with me at eXp can help you get there.

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