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Your cash flow sucks

I started a new playlist on my YouTube channel today ... Realtor Best Practices (& other real world advice). And the first video has to do with a crisis call I had with an agent earlier this week.

Her crisis: cash flow & personal issues surfacing because of it.

Her real issue: passive complacency in how she was running her business.

Her underlying issues: staying in her comfort zone, not having a solid target, too many shiny objects, not taking full responsibility for her schedule, not owning that she could be massively financially successful (this typically shows up as baggage), not having anywhere near enough real estate conversations to support a decent lead pipeline, misplacing her confidence.

The solution: you'll have to watch.

And then call me ... seriously, I'm happy to have this conversation with you if you're ready to have a little tough-love conversation about fixing this (unfortunately) somewhat common problem.

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