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Why Courage Matters

Let's talk courage and energy. I'm going to get a little woo woo here, and then I'll get practical ... hang in there, I'll get to this courage thing quickly.

I have spent a lot of brainspace recently honing an understanding of energy, human energy, and how that impacts our experiences, our successes, our filters, our ability to make life work & deal with the punches & embrace the wins. I was introduced to David Hawkins Map of Consciousness which is based on scientifically measuring our energy. Measured how? Through muscle testing (that's applied kinesiology, you can google it), you can actually measure muscle strength when someone thinks of something lovely like vacation or Mother Theresa (or vacationing with Mother Theresa) and then measure muscle strength when someone thinks of something horrific (no need to provide an example here) ... there is a measurable difference.

Hawkins measurement scale ranges from 20 (shame) to 1,000 (enlightenment). The scale has shame (20), guilt (30), apathy, grief, & fear in the bottom tiers, painful zones. Then a little higher up is desire (125), anger (150), & pride (175) ... still pain involved in those levels. And when we are trying to run our businesses & our lives yet we are hanging out in the painful zone, obviously this matters.

Courage is the gateway to possibilities.

Then comes along courage, in the middle of the scale. Courage is the turning point in the scale. Courage is the gateway to possibilities. My energy simply changes typing this paragraph. Things shift at courage, a distinct energy shift toward possible.

We all vacillate between different energy levels, sometimes in the same day, certainly throughout a year and over the years. But if we're hanging out or flirting with the painful zones, I invite you to consider courage, muster some up, find your way to courage.

It is human nature to desire the higher levels of love, joy, and peace. But if you're hanging out in grief or fear or anger or pride, then it's quite a leap to joy. Try courage first, build that foundation, build that bridge.

Courage is the gateway to possibilities.

Courage matters.

Hawkins says "the hallmark of courage is the knowledge and feeling, "I can."

The courage to let go. The courage to dream. The courage to choose positivity. The courage to keep going. The courage to be strong. Courage is where things seem possible.

So find your courage mantra. Start there, your brain believes what you tell it, so whatever you want -- courage, love, success, strength, happiness, tacos -- find a simple mantra & camp out on that mantra until your cells believe what you are telling yourself.

My courage mantra is super simple.

I got this!

Yep, I camp out with I GOT THIS all the time. I got this. I got this. I got this ... accompanied by a first pump or three.

Other courage mantras may look like this:

  • I am capable.

  • I am strong.

  • I do one thing every day that moves me toward my dream.

  • I can do hard things.

  • I am worth it.

Courage matters.

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