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Who is your who?

Let's go through a mini coaching session, shall we? (And I dare you to email or PM me your answers, I double-dog dare you.)

  1. What do you really want?

  2. Why do you want that?

  3. Who is helping you get there? Who is your who?

We all need a who. And we all need to know what we want, and why we want it. Clarity, my friends, may be everything, vision is the critical starting point. But I would argue that your WHO is the real difference maker for speed and results. We rarely succeed alone. So who is your who?


Who is showing you the way to bigger, better, stronger, smarter, easier? Who is showing you the way, the roadmap, the resources, the direction? Who is taking your calls? Your colleagues? Your family? Your mentor? Your broker? Your closest 5 people? Someone has to have your back. If it feels like you are running solo or that your progress is less than desired or stalled, take a quick inventory.


And a quick inventory always starts from within by taking a look at how you are showing up. Hold up the mirror. (Hey, I said this was a coaching session ... so that doesn't always mean that it's super comfortable. A little discomfort, a little reality check can go a long way in the getting unstuck department.)

You may have amazing inspiration & encouragement & role models & roadmaps around you, but if you're not tapping in, showing up, reaching out, engaging, giving, adding to the energy, building those relationships, then it may feel a bit lonely.

So perhaps step 1 in the WHO department is step up. A good coach will always call you on your sh-- uh, help you identify your roadblocks, your limited thinking ... so if you're not showing up, tapping in, engaging, bringing energy, then let's start there.


So who is your mentor? Your advisor? Your chief encourager? Your broker? Your accountability partner? Your cheerleader? Your closest 5 people? Who is helping you get there? Line 'em up! The more the merrier, right?! I hope you have someone solid in each of those categories. If one category is not quite there, stir the pot a bit and see what a solid conversation with that person can do to loosen things up & move you forward toward your goal.


Do you need one? If you are working towards something new, something with a learning curve, then you absolutely need a mentor or advisor or three or four. YouTube can be of significant help in this category, but nothing like having a person or two you mastermind with or can pick up the phone to talk through some things.


I see amazing brokers out there who pour into and push their agents, and I see brokers who have no time or availability. I see brokers deliver leads to their agents (for a high price) yet fail to teach the same agents how to generate the leads themselves; they feed them yet never teach them how to fish. When was the last time you sat down with your broker?


Jim Rohn once famously said, "You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." So who are your colleague 5 people? Who are your personal 5 people? Do you need some new people?


I would love to be one of your WHO's as I love nothing more than helping people get what they want, gain momentum, move their lives forward, make more money, make a difference, have more fun, create freedom. Most of my coaching right now is done through my weekly mastermind groups and through my national team. But I'm always up for a call or two. You can actually schedule a complimentary coaching call with me right here (I'll keep offering this until it's too many appointments on my calendar; but for now, why not?!).

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