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THE Mark Willis

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

About a year ago I got a call from Mark Willis, former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International ... yeah, the big chief. He has since partnered with Forbes School of Business & launched Mark Willis Leadership. We had crossed paths many times over the years at KW. I was always drawn to his personal heart-centered approach to everything. He is simply one of the most likable executive humans I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. He sees good in everyone & you feel it in his presence.

As it turns out, he had thought, many years ago, that the two of us would some day work on a project together, would someday create something that would make a difference in agents lives. I was so honored, I'm still pinching myself. I had spent 5 years as the Director of Training in the largest real estate office in the country and being a best-selling industry author helps ... but those are just credentials & for Mark it's always more than that. For Mark, at the end (& beginning) of the day, it comes down to alignment, synchronicity, fate.

One thing that anchors our alignment is that we both specialize in helping others get unstuck and consider it the highest calling when we get to help others reach their fullest potential.

Fast forward, here we are a year later and Mark & I co-created & fully launched a 6-week program called The Influence of ONE. We weave a deep & personal life-coaching element with a scientific habit-builder technique called HiWi™. We ran the inaugural launch in the fall and truly helped agents move the needle on their business, their bank, their life. Agents shifted some personal & professional stuckness, we lifted each other up through the work, celebrated the successes, and built a cool community in the process. There's more to come ... stay tuned.

Here's a short video where I get to talk about my work with Mark ... give it a watch ...

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