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The Habit of Conversation

I spoke at a national conference last fall & part of our discussion was about anchoring your day with the core activity that matters the most in building & maintaining a healthy lead pipeline. Most of us need a checklist or a roadmap that we follow on a daily basis to stay on track.

Remember when you used to have a job where you were an employee & you worked for someone else? You drove to the office, you did what you were supposed to do, you were a good employee & wanted to have a great quarterly review so that you could get a raise or a promotion.

Now fast forward & you are your own boss but do you keep your head down & do a great consistent job on a daily basis with the most important activity in your business? You were a great employee before but how are you doing now with getting the most important core activity done in your business every day?

I know, it's a challenge. Give it a listen right here ...

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