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The $8M Sticky Note

I received this text message from Jeff the other day. He took a photo of this sticky note he had placed on his desk. It seems he had temporarily misplaced his focus, his momentum, a bit of his juju ... you know, he got distracted from what he really needed to do.

And along comes Chapter 7 in Success Faster On Fire Hot!

In Chapter 7, I tell the story of my not-sophisticated-at-all technique, the magic sticky note, that anchored my sales success in 2018.

I was relaunching my business from scratch - 5 years as the Director of Training and I was getting back into production. If anyone could successfully relaunch their real estate sales business, the Director of Training could, successfully & quickly, right? I had a lot of eyes on me because I had publicly and loudly let everyone know what I was doing. Failure was not an option. So I kept it really simple. I placed a sticky note on my screen, front & center, that read as follows:

Julie, what is your fastest route to a lead, client, contract, or paycheck? Do that thing first!

This was my north star. This is all I did for ten months. I sat down at my desk every morning and read that sticky note and did that, and only that, for the first two hours of every day (well, most days ... I do not strive for perfect). And I lined up approximately $8M in sales in less than ten months.

So, what is your fastest route, TODAY, to a lead, client, contract, or paycheck? DO THAT THING FIRST.

And, as I type ... THIS HAPPENS! Literally, I am writing this blog article 6:50am and I get another text from Jeff.

Go simple, my friends. Clear the clutter & the chaos, and get yourself a magic sticky note.

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