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Some of the tools I use

Here are some of the various tech tools I use to make things happen:

· Logitech camera – nice little add-on for higher quality videos and I can move it around vs using my laptop built-in version

· Blue yeti mic – AMAZING sound quality. I knew I wanted really good sound quality for videos. I once submitted a short video to eXp for a conference and I asked why mine was chosen and they said the sound quality was so good! And I think I had some insightful things to say.

· Bose headphones – we all need a good set of headphones and these are noise-cancelling which is ++ for airline travel and for saving my family from overhearing all of my Zoom and phone business.

· Scansnap s1300i – I LOVE this little scanner that only takes up about a 4”x12” little space on my desk. I am as paperless as possible and this little scanner does the trick. One of the reasons I chose this one was also because I can scan photos and I would love, eventually, to scan the old family photos.

· Macbook pro – I finally took the Apple plunge in 2020. My reason … I kept having compatibility issues (my printer, my Yeti mic, various software), with my pc.

· iPhone 10 – all about compatibility and everything syncing EASILY with everything else.

· VirBELA affiliate program – an amazing emerging technology that is part of the eXp platform and in this COVID scene, is changing the way businesses and schools operate.

Favorite Apps

· MileIQ – my bookkeeper loves this too.

· WeatherBug – because I am a storm nerd.

· Noom – because it helped me drop 20+ pounds in 2020

· RoboForm – my password vault.

· Pinterest – my recipe resource.

· Instagram – my social preference.

· Facebook – a bit of a necessity.

· Canva – LOVE me some graphic tools! I do postcards, memes, pretty much everything you see of mine on Insta & FB, it’s from Canva.

· Calendly – simplify scheduling

· SkySlope – my transaction software

· kvCORE – my CRM & website

· WIX – my website developer

What are your favs?

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