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So you’re considering coaching? Do this first.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I get calls or emails somewhat regularly from agents who are struggling and want to consider coaching. What I have found, over the years, is that the majority of these agents have not recently gone all-in for 30-90 days with massive action. MASSIVE as in much more than they have ever done. I have also found that the majority of these agents are thin in their bank account and I would never want to take money from someone whose finances are already tight (that never feels right).

Most agents I know have found themselves in a tight financial spot or with a thin (or non-existent) client pipeline at one time or another. My best advice, phase 1 of helping an agent with this often critical situation is all about demonstrating intense action for 30-90 days, then we can talk.

Action such as:

  • Call every single person you have closed a deal with in the past 5 years, calling them this weekend, and checking in and asking them if they know anyone who is talking real estate right now.

  • Call all your besties in your phone, whether they live in town or not, this week and tell them you are driving your business for a strong 4th quarter and 1st quarter and "frankly, I wouldn't be doing my job if I did not reach out every now and then to see if you know anyone who may need my services. My business is ALL referral and I appreciate your support."

  • Figure out a way to do a massive number of open houses for the next 90 days

  • Post engaging real estate content on your Facebook page twice a week for now until forever ... emphasis on ENGAGING ... and make sure you comment on every comment. The goal is get into conversations with your friends.

What is one project you want to complete at home?

Do you love your kitchen?

What room in your home needs the biggest overhaul?

How old were you when you bought your first home?

Who wants a pool?

Whenever business is down, the best thing we can do is remind ourselves of this simple thing ... that we are in the business of having conversations with people about real estate. If you do not have enough business, you're not having enough conversations ... or you're not showing up like a person who understands and embodies this simple business 101 concept. So if your business or bank or lead pipeline is thin, the ONLY thing you should be doing is having a MASSIVE increase in real estate conversations as quickly as possible and continue that focus for the foreseeable future. After 30-90 days of this, you should have a decent pipeline and then your task is simply to keep up the intensity and embrace the new you.

The reason I map all this out is that I have learned over the years that engaging in mentor or coaching conversations before someone has done all of this ^^^, makes no sense at all. If you truly do what is outlined above, seriously dig into that activity unapologetically and authentically and with drive and intention, you won't need me. You'll get into momentum and everything will change.

Yes, I coach agents & we can discuss what that looks like for you (you can click below to find me). However, I have one important caveat ... I only work with agents who are willing to do this MASSIVE ACTION task before they call me to discuss coaching. It's because I care and I know that most agents are simply overcomplicating the biz and are often just getting in their own way toward greatness & life & bank.

Now this last paragraph assumes that you are interested in more leads, more stability, more predictability, more bank in your life & business. But I know there are many more issues that surface in coaching, & frankly, most of them are important, but I do know both from personal experience & coaching observation that a healthier pipeline & healthier bank account tends to fix other issues ... *poof*, they're gone ... until they show up again & that's where coaching can help build consistency & reduce the cycling & recycling of issues.

With all of that said, I really am happy to chat.

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