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Podcast: Your Fastest Route to Your Next 10 Clients

This was a fun podcast interview I did with my bestie Realtor pal, Valerie Crowell, in the Bay Area. Valerie interviewed me for an interview series posted on the Real Pride Network (an awesome lgbtq+ realtor network). Sure we can talk about the book and our businesses and best practices and we can talk and talk and talk about beer & wine & cycling & real estate shenanigans ... because we really like to talk about & partake in all of those things ... but top consideration was bringing something tangible & meaningful to our Realtor audience. Hence, your fastest route to your next 10 clients.

Here are some of the takeaways:

- your next 10 really are in your phone right now ... get dialing!

- the magic in 2 hours per day of the WORK of lead gen

- real estate conversations: do no fool yourself with everything else; your job is to have conversations with people about real estate ... this is the WORK

- line up the good days, the # of days this week (& next & next) that you talk to x number of people.

- ask more often & more consistently for referrals

And for more tips, you'll have to have a listen here:

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