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Our tubi Documentary: Cooped Up! S01:E03

Well, this happened. Through a little word of mouth, we got a call last summer from a documentary producer who wanted to talk to us about our little chicken farm on the outskirts of Austin. They were doing a series featuring normal folks whose quarantine coping mechanism involved backyard chickens. We fit the bill, at least the chicken part (normal & coping are up for interpretation). Little did they know that our version involved miniature donkeys, ducks, 30+ gardens, a house burning down, and chickens in our custom shower for days of Texas snowmageddon (#texasfreeze, FROVID, ERCOT we're sorry we misplaced your power grid cluster flock).

Cooped Up is a series on tubi with 8 episodes & 16 families plus a mix of little vignettes. We are one of two Austin stories told in episode 03 (ours begins at 15:30, but watch it all). In a later episode, the show features the iconic & infamous Ginny's Little Longhorn chicken shit bingo here in Austin (you'll have to watch it to understand). Other episodes include a traveling chicken who lives in the house, an artist, chickens getting their chakras read (can't make that up), & the Black Yard Farm (young African American farmers taking on food accessibility).

It is an uplifting series, a great watch for the whole family, and a little insight on how we live our lives. You can find it here:

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