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Next NEGOTIATION Class - Jan 18

What agents are saying:

- I took Julie Nelson's class today. It was great! Highly recommend it. - H. Frazier

- I am so impressed by her and the content of this class. - N. Samuel

- Phenomenal Class!! Loved It! - G. Herrera

- So many takeaways, scripts ... and LOVE the handouts too! - L. Anderson


I am teaching my monthly NEGOTIATION class online with the eXp University eXcel series next Tuesday, January 18, 11am pst 11pm cst). eXp agents log in to the World online campus & go to the eXp University Auditorium. If you are not with eXp but would like to attend this class (or any of our classes, for that matter), GUEST PASSES AVAILABLE ... email me ( for a guest pass & I'll get that set up for you.

Whether you are 20 years in to your real estate career & looking for a fresh take on the topic or a new agent in search of a roadmap, I promise you you'll take away tips that'll make you a better negotiator and BONUS ... when applied, this stuff actually makes you a BETTER PERSON! I know, I know, that's a tall order ... come on in & see for yourself.

3 key points from the class: · There’s more psychology than you might think · Tips that make your negotiation soooo much easier

. Why schmarmy closing techniques do not work · Buyer strategy, seller strategy, repair negotiation strategy

A quick note on the psychology behind this class & the art of negotiation ... when I first designed this class, one of the first things I did was call my coach, friend, mentor, Dr. Portia Ryan, aka my go-to psychologist. We talked a lot about how people behave & think when under stress. Do you think your buyers & sellers may be experiencing stress with this big transaction? Not always, but often yes, and sometimes a lot! And then things don't always go so well when the adrenals are in the drivers seat. So one of the key things we delve into in this class (and life) is how we as skilled professionals (skilled humans) can help our clients (and other people in our lives) get into a position where they feel like they are safe & thus feel like they have the power to choose -------> which ultimately means

  • less jerky reactions

  • more go with the flow

  • less win/lose & more progress

  • clearer thinking

  • better decisions

As Portia says, it needs to be safe enough for them to tell you the truth.

You see, if your only answer is to ask – what color would you paint that wall? – (we’ve been told that is a good thing to say) then this is the right class for you as the message has nothing to do with the color of the wall, has everything to do with them not feeling in control.

I run the class once a month on the 3rd Tuesday. Hope you can join us!

The art of negotiation … is NOT to get what you want or to win. The art is to help people see their options and make good decisions.
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