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Narrow Focus, 1 Core Activity: A conversation with Mark Willis

I had an engaging conversation this morning with my friend & colleague, Mark Willis, founder of Mark Willis Leadership & the former CEO of Keller Williams Realty. We were discussing what agents need to succeed.

You see, most agents (myself included) are guilty of one fundamental flaw in how they approach their business. It's the flaw of attempting to focus on everything, when focusing on one thing will get the most results; the wide-angle lens instead of the zoom. If you study the best agents or the most consistent agents or agents who successfully pulled their bank account out of a slump, you'll see a pattern. The had a narrow focus on one core activity, the activity of high-intensity lead generation for 1-2 hour sprints per working day.

narrow focus

one core activity

sprint, rest, sprint, rest

For anyone who has done any sort of running or weight lifting training, you're familiar with the sprint or high-intensity workouts. Mark is fascinated by this high-intensity workout concept & how it applies to business and sales success. And he's in really good shape. Think about it ... sprint, rest, sprint, rest ... then do everything else after that. Build up some sort of consistency with this -- I call this "line up the good days" -- and you'll build muscle around the core activity. And in real estate sales, the core activity is conversations.

You are in the business of having conversations with people about real estate (that, btw, is your shortest job description). So put the wide-angle lens down, at least for a couple hours per day, and get out the zoom -- the zoom blurs out the periphery and focuses on one subject.

narrow focus

one core activity

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