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Migration data & your lead gen efforts

The pandemic has created a lot of movement, moving, relocation throughout the country. Some out of necessity (lost jobs), some out of desire (hey, I can work from anywhere now ... where would I like to live?). In real estate and in the postal service, we call this migration. I saw this this morning in a New York Times article and it got me thinking ...

So who do you know in any of these areas? From the NYTimes & postal service data ... if you know anyone in these areas, pick up the phone & ask them who they know who is considering moving to your area. I would call this geographically targeted lead gen. You could also do geo-targeted Facebook or Google ads for those areas.

Another way to look at this is this: make a list of the cities / areas that are most likely to move in to your area & call anyone you know in that area, see who they know who is considering moving. For example, I live in Austin. People move to Austin (well, I guess from everywhere these days ... but stick with me here) from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, really any TX city, the Bay Area, San Jose, Portland, NYC, Florida. I could easily get on the phone & simply call my peeps in those areas with a "hey, I want to run something business by you real quick, ask you a quick question" & make sure I am top of mind for Austin & anyone they know who starts talking about Austin.

This approach will work better for Austin when we get more inventory, and that may be the case in your area too, but start now with your peeps and get top of mind now so you'll be top of mind later and forever.

If you Google "postal service migration data", you can find a ton of info like this:

So, what areas move to your area?

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