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Mentor/Mentee Success ... the ONE thing that matters most

I have observed, worked with, taught, cheered, coached, coerced, encouraged many many many mentors and mentees over the years in real estate. I have published books on the topic, created & delivered programs, outlined roadmaps, drove accountability until the cows came home. I have YouTubed & blogged & Instrgrammed my way into peoples psyche & business.

And ONE THING stands out.

Pretty sure there is a major life lesson here, but there is ONE CONSISTENT THING that stands out for a successful mentor / mentee relationship:

The mentee must show up!

I have seen some of the most amazing mentorship & training & coaching programs available, yet if the agent mentee is not consistently showing up, doing the work, leaning in, and coming back for more, then failure & disappointment show up, often accompanied by a cashflow problem. And panic shows up shortly thereafter when said non-attendee no-lean-in mentee out of the blue has a client opportunity and is not prepared.

In worse case scenarios, the mentee then loses the client opportunity & blames the mentor, the mentorship program, and/or the brokerage.

So rookie agents, I have a few questions for you ...

  • Are you showing up?

  • Are you leaning in?

  • Are you coming back for more?

  • Of all the classes offered you, have you taken every one of them twice?

  • Are you showing up to your mentor appointments?

  • Do you have solid communication with your mentor? Return all their calls, texts, & emails?

  • Are you checking off the boxes on your getting-started checklist?

  • Are you accountable?

  • Are you truly motivated to make this career work?

I am friends with a year-two agent in Houston, Kristen Edwards. In 20 months she has closed 49 transactions. When she started, she was taking 6-8 hours of classes per day and she still, to this day, tries to take at least one class per day. She is still leaning in! When her energy is off, she takes a class taught by a top agent ... it's an energy fix every time. I'll write another article on the ENERGY QUOTIENT, because that is the other critical ingredient ...

  1. SHOW UP

  2. LEAN IN

  3. bring your best ENERGY

I know what some agents are thinking ... it's my mentor, or the program sucks. Or worse yet, I don't have a mentor. These may all be true.

But I have a theory.

Even with a marginal program or mentor, you can get solid results by being the person who shows up & leans in & brings energy.

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