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kvCORE newsletter setup, part 1 of 4 - Adding Social Media Links

We have a series of YouTube videos specifically for kvCORE newsletter ... step-by-step tutorials to utilize this valuable tool. We are focusing mainly on your template ... get your template right then doing any sort of newsletter (whether long or short) is fast & easy. This video outlines how to add social media links to your template. You're creating a long template, including everything you may possibly need for your longest newsletter because it is super easy to delete sections on the fly if you are sending out a short & sweet newsletter / email blast to your sphere.

  • Step 1: open kvCORE, go to Marketing - All Marketing - Smart Campaign

  • Step 2: go to template - add template - email template

  • Step 3: go to advance editor

  • Step 4: select social and drag into the blank canvas

  • Step 5: highlight the ICON, input your social media's url

  • Step 6: if you have other social media platforms that you need to add click add new icon and search the social media icon that you need

We have kept these as succinct at possible ... this one is under 5 minutes. Give it a listen here ... & stay tuned for parts 3-4.

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