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kvCORE newsletter setup, a 4-part series

Think about your CRM for a minute and think about the CORE activities that make sense in your business ... in this case I am referencing kvCORE because that is the one I use. Your newsletter and email communication with your clients is fundamental to your real estate success. We have to be top of mind with our sphere & past clients. We recently did a zoom screen-share demo of how to set up your newsletter template in kvCORE ... this is the place to start. Set up one full template (full meaning it would be the longest newsletter you would send) and then when you are sending something out to your sphere, it's super easy to cut out the pieces you do not want, fill in your brief content, then hit send. These 4 YouTube links below walk you through, step by step, getting that set up. Or here is the full list on my YouTube channel.

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