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Keep going!!

This past week, my socials lit up with agent friends posting their latest awards & accolades. This happens off & on throughout the year and I recognize and honor all the hard work those friends & colleagues put in to the journey to arrive at the prize, the achievement, the recognition. I salute your grit and your late nights, your hustle and drive, your ingenuity and stick-to-it-iveness (it's a word), your bank account and the life you have built. Hopefully there is a huge dose of happiness in the mix.

And then I think of all the other agents on the journey. This post is for you.

To everyone who sees the award posts yet is not [yet] a recipient of one ... perhaps those posts motivate you, perhaps not ... perhaps you want one of those, perhaps not (not everyone's goal is #'s or $$) ... perhaps you thrive on recognition or not ... perhaps the people around you are good with recognition & encouragement & hi5, perhaps not.


Every one of those best-of, top-10, elite agents out there had a start in the business, they each had up years & down years, they've had abundance & scarcity, they've had momentum & misplaced it, they have had confidence & doubt, they've had fun & they've lost their way.

You can do this! WE SEE YOU! KEEP GOING!

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