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Julie Teaching Locally 2022

I want you all to know about two CE options I have coming up in Austin teaching my SUCCESS FASTER class at the Austin Board of Realtors. If you are a Texas Realtor, this class is good for 3 hours of CE. Here are the current opportunities:

JULY 21, 9-noon - SUCCESS FASTER, ABoR South, 3 hrs CE

Oct 27, 9-noon - SUCCESS FASTER, ABoR South, 3 hrs CE

I spoke with a Broker friend of mine the other day who took this class 3 years ago. Check out her testimonial:

This class provided the first ray of hope I ever had. It woke up something in me. I trusted that you saw the way, I trusted you. Every single thing you have told me works. You're changing lives.

I believe that every time I teach this class, I change a life or two.

Goal #1:

get your business, your pipeline, your bank, your joy, your head right!

Target Audience:

Any agent either getting started or needing to hit the reset button. Sometimes that reset is financial, sometimes it is psychological, sometimes folks just need a decent roadmap to get out there & make things happen.

Class Highlights:

  • If you’re new or sort of new in real estate, you realize that there is a ton of stuff they never taught you in real estate license school.

  • If you've been in the business a while but find yourself in need of a reboot, a restart, or a push through to the next level -- either financially or psychologically -- then this is your class!

  • This class provides a roadmap to getting started or, in some cases, starting over.

  • This class covers topics such as

    • gaining clients quickly

    • your fastest route to your next 10 clients

    • getting your mind right

    • being a good boss

    • getting your priorities straight

    • what to say

    • your five people

    • top 100 action plans

    • and more!

Success Faster will provide agents with insight into the

> mindset,

> skills,

> activities,

> language,

> and panache

that it takes to get into a groove (and stay there) and survive and thrive in this fast-paced, rewarding business.

Hope to see you in one of these classes!! Register today! If you are not a member of the Austin Board of Realtors, you can call them at 512-454-7636 to register; otherwise, click on the REGISTER links above to sign up.

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