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I updated my BOOK LIST

I updated my BOOK LIST on Amazon & wanted to share. What's on yours?

Here are a few comments on the top of my list:

Success Faster On Fire Hot!

Of course I want you to have Success Faster On Fire Hot! ... in both paperback (work it like your bible! highlight, dog-ear, sticky note ... you know the drill) AND the Audible version (it's me! not some hired voice) because there are lots of scripts & what-to-say and being able to play it over & over & over again, it builds the muscle memory we all need to know what to say at the moment.

Exito Mas Rapido Ardiendo Caliente!

Si, the Spanish version in paperback & kindle!

Exactly What to Say

Then there is Exactly What To Say ... it's one of those books that you'll wish you had written. I think every Realtor, every salesperson, every human needs this book. I reference it all the time. Whenever I teach a class, I typically have these first two books in hand.

Success Faster Workbook

Did you know there was a workbook? You do now! Great for masterminds, business partners, accountability partners, teams, the WORKBOOK helps the Success Faster On Fire Hot! material materialize in your life, your business, your habits.

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