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Fear of Success

I spoke with an agent friend recently who had the courage to admit that he has a fear of success. First, having the wherewithal to say something like that is a very powerful and brave statement. Not everyone gets to that awareness … just by saying that alone is you standing square in your power.

I know, for a fact, that my friend is not alone with this (many people experience this) … it starts in childhood (one way or another) and then life (in one way or another) reinforces it. It can be reinforced in our childhood, our early adult years, and yesterday. Getting to the point where you recognize it and state it … is huge and is a journey just getting to that point. Right?! The work to heal this can take years … it’s a good journey.

So here is how I like to approach this topic … it starts here:

When you say that, what do you FEEL? Really, spend some time with this, or just simply go into awareness around this. It’s important because this thing usually has roots, deep roots.

And a few other questions …

How is it making your life a bit easier by not making it as successful as you may want it to be? (Are you comparing your business to other agents? I wonder if that is some of what is going on.) I’m wondering about that (I could be wrong).

And then we go here … If you could redefine success for yourself at this time in your life … how would that look for you?

This can be break-through stuff and you get to define who you want to be … and you get to define success on your own terms.

My business coach is actually a trained psycho-therapist and this success topic is one of her specialties (she has actually run workshops on the topic in the past). Perhaps we’ll do a workshop together on the topic … she handles the psychological aspect of success, I handle the business piece.

How do you define success?

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