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How her ADHD helps her succeed

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I met an agent recently, a very successful agent, who self-identifies as neuro-divergent; she's autistic & has ADHD. Her diagnosis actually helps her with her real estate business.

Her brain chemistry goes sideways if she does not do her 2 hours of calling FSBO's every day ... that's the ADHD keeping her on task. The autism helps with her high call volume ... seller rejection or someone hanging up on her, it rolls off her, has little to no effect. She's smart, articulate, intelligent, and effective. She's a straight-shooter, gets right to the point with FSBO's. And regardless of how the prospective seller responds, she just keeps going. She does not have difficulty navigating social interactions, it's just that rejection on the phone does not phase her. We could all learn a bit from this.

The key here is that for her, 2 hours of calls every day is non-negotiable and she keeps going.

The 2 hour habit for Realtors is part of the success formula ... habit & consistency with the basics of building a pipeline. For most agents, this one thing, this one habit, 2 hours of lead gen every day, would be a game-changer.

Listen to the story here:

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