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5 Things Every Agent Should Do to Boost Their Biz Today!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

ONE. Decide.

This is the mindset piece. Always start with the mindset piece.

Decide. Are you sure want to boost your business tomorrow? Are you sure you are willing to do a few things differently to get results? Do you believe you deserve a break-through day? How feisty are you feeling about this? Ready for a little challenge? Ready for a win? Ready for some sexy juju in your business? You know that feeling when you land an appointment? And then you land another? And when you get a new listing? And when a friend refers a friend? That fist-pump feeling … that is what we need to tap into.

Want some competition? Want some accountability? Then call up a few Realtor friends and propose a 24-hour challenge (ONLY find motivated agents … the ones who are so-so or not available, they are not the right agents to play the awesome 24-hour boost game.)

TWO. Set up your day.

This is no different than an athlete setting up for an important race. Set up your day to support this super important business boost activity. Here are some guidelines:

  • Prepare everyone (like the family, your assistant, your team) that you are not to be disturbed tomorrow). Add these people to your accountability team.

  • The afternoon or evening before, prepare your list of:

Folks you have been meaning to call

Folks that need a follow-up

Your 10 best friends (no matter where they live)

Your past 10 clients

Your family (no matter where they live)

  • 8 hours sleep the night before (min 7) including good hydration.

  • Get up an hour earlier than normal (2 is even better).

  • Eat a good breakfast, do a little exercise, walking, or stretching.

  • At your desk by 8am.

  • Maximum 30 minutes of admin/email/misc before you get started. The goal of this 30 minutes is to free your brain of that noise.

  • 8:30am … pick up the phone!

And keep this in mind … the admin/email/misc thing is possibly the biggest thief in your business … she steals your time, redirects your attention, makes you look & feel busy … she is annoying and gets in the way of your greatness. This thief has a close cousin … you may know her … her name is social media. She is also a thief. Take note of the thieves in your business & environment … they are not invited to this party.

THREE. Get real about conversations!

Let’s agree on something foundational to your real estate business … you are in the business of having conversations with people about real estate. If you want a raise (as in, like, financially a raise, a pay raise), then you just need to have more conversations. Period. Do not overthink this. When you look at your real estate goals, your financial goals, ask yourself this question: Am I having enough conversations to support my goals? And then we get to look at the quality of your conversations.

Quantity and quality, two things. But don’t wait until you’re perfect or better, just get started. Movement is better than perfection. Go for the volume because you’ll get better. The third call is almost always smoother and more authentic than the first two.

So let’s get back to your day:

  • Spend the rest of the morning talking to the people on your list. Quick calls, check in, remind them your business is mostly by referral, tell them you are already setting up appointments for fall (or next quarter), “who do you know who may need our services?” Having a sense of urgency and high energy helps with these calls.

  • By noon you will have some leads or will have planted the seeds necessary to make those leads materialize.

  • Assess your list and identify the folks you will be most likely to catch in their drive home or right after dinner. And then get ready for round two of your calls.

  • Check in with your accountability partners, tell them how you are doing.

  • Remember, more conversations!

FOUR. Get real about follow-up!

Half of the formula is the initial conversation, then the other half is follow-up. I closed a sale earlier this year with a seller that I had been talking to for EIGHT YEARS! If we look at your Realtor job description, the top line will say talk to people about real estate; the second line will say follow-up pro. Do not overthink this. Without those two things leading the way, then you have no business.

So let’s get back to your day again:

  • Quick lunch with protein.

  • Then follow-up emails to all those folks … nice talking with you, my business is mostly referral, we appreciate your support, do not hesitate to call with any real estate needs or questions.

FIVE. Get real about your calendar & your ability to honor it.

The agents who consistently get better and better in their business, the agents who have a healthy pipeline (or at least an increasingly heathier and then healthier pipeline) are not necessarily the smartest or the most talented (I know, ouch). They are simply the agents who are having more and better conversations and are follow-up pros. And they anchor this activity in their calendars and then they honor those appointments.

Get out your calendar. How many days a week are you willing to do the power boost outlined above? How many days a week can you nail a 2-3 hour version of the above? (I know agents who do this every day for 2-3 hours … they consider it their job.) How many weeks in a row can you crank out a new volume of real estate conversations and related follow-up? Mark your calendar with these appointments.

These appointments … they are an appointment with yourself and an appointment with your goals. Honor them, honor yourself, honor your goals.

Ready … go!

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