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Business Planning Ecosystem

Sure you have a goal, and maybe a plan. And you wrote both of those down. And how is that working for you? Did you move your business, your bank account, your life forward this past year? Really moving forward to the next level involves getting your entire ecosystem aligned with and in tandem with the goal & the plan.

Business planning is so much more than the goal & the plan:

- goal, write it down

- plan, write it out

- mindset ... what are you telling yourself?

- tracking it ... daily & weekly is best, monthly ok

- accountability ... try adding an accountability partner or 2 or 3

- agility / adjustment - track then adjust, track adjust, stay agile

The ecosystem is the last 4 ... your mindset, the tracking, accountability, & your agility. Your business, bank account, & life will move forward most successfully if you tend to the entire ecosystem.

I have a bunch of business planning tools available for you online. You can click through here for access.

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