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And more migration ... the U-Haul dynamic, follow the data

Moving to the sunny side of the country (or Maine or Tahoe) ... the pandemic & work-from-home options have created even more of a demand to pack up & move to wherever your heart & pocketbook desire. The moving van industry migration data showing out-migration (rent the van from here) vs in-migration (we drop off the van here) is somewhat fascinating. Just try to rent a U-Haul in San Jose ... they don't have any because they're all in Austin. I believe the US Postal Service has similar data tracking change of address. Austin continues to be a solid inflow ... yes, some folks are leaving, but way more are arriving. Hence, low inventory.

I saw this article today from Atlas Vanlines, Where is America Moving?

Seems that Maine has turned the corner from out to in; Texas remains blue on the in-migration map (and still fairly red, or maybe turning purple, on the political map ... had to throw that in). The sunny southwest states, overall, are gaining in population.

The U-Haul migration data shows Tennessee, Texas, and Florida gaining ...

... those states have many more dropped-off U-Hauls than ...

... who should, based on the data, have a surplus of trucks you can rent.

And then there is this interesting article that digs a little deeper into the patterns with these observations of some areas that have bucked the odds.

So, how's your migration?

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