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A Realtor’s Daily Checklist

Warning: this is really simple.

One of the main things I teach and preach all the time is keeping the business as simple as possible. One of the grounding principles of this simplicity is you as a good boss, you as being a decent National Sales Manager of your real estate business. So, here’s your daily checklist to run a decent real estate business …


· First thing in the morning – what is one thing I can do today to move my pipeline forward?

· Follow up on all leads from yesterday.

· Set conversation / call target & get after it. (You are in the business of having conversations with people about real estate … so yes, this is a foundational piece of your daily checklist.)

· Make this daily list - 3 things I must get done today (preferably in the morning, and a minimum of 1 of these things must be directly related to adding a lead)

  • ONE

  • TWO


· Ask yourself this question at the start of every day: What is my fastest route today to a lead, client, contract or paycheck? Do that thing first.

· Call friends, clients & sphere with birthdays. (yes, call them)

· Check MLS market update

· End of day, ask these questions:

· Did I move my business forward today?

· Was I good boss today? (if not, what got in the way and what can I do to adjust tomorrow?)

· Based on today, would I hire me?

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