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3 kvCORE Tips for More Leads

There are numerous brokerages in the industry who are big users of kvCORE - Weichert Realtors, Fathom, Remax, Berkshire Hathaway, eXp Realty, and many individual users and teams. Here are three kvCORE tips to help you capitalize on this massive tool and drive more business and leads.

ONE - Squeeze page to give to your sellers

✅ Do a squeeze page for your listing.

✅ GIVE to your seller for them to post.

✅ Tell them it’s part of your online strategy with your technology and helps increase the reach.

✅ This will add TONS of people to your kvCORE database for you to follow-up with & communicate with FOREVER!

✅ Add this to your listing marketing checklist now!

TWO - Get Everyone You Know Using Your Website to Search Homes

For the majority of Realtors, your fastest route to a lead or client is simply right in front of you, it's the people you already know and their people. This way you can see anytime someone hearts a house & you can call them or communicate directly with them from your dashboard. "Hey, I saw your portal on my website (yeah, I see what you see) and looks like you you're curious about some houses so just wanted to check in & see if you have any questions. Oh, just curious about the neighbors house ... cool. Are you guys thinking of doing anything with your real estate this year? Who do you know who may need my services? Working on any projects around the house? I have a great list of service professionals." etc.

So how do I get started with this?

✅ Call people. "Hey, I'm sending you a link to my website ... use this instead of Zillow, it rocks and helps me build my business."

✅ Email blast outlining a few cool features of their personal portal & invite them to log on.

✅ Post cool properties or a list thereof on social media (with a link from your kvCORE personal website, obvi) and your friends WILL click on it.

THREE - Property Boost

You can boost your listings or other agents listings, with their permission. Property boost automatically generates a targeted Facebook ad campaign for each boosted listing to get maximum exposure. If you're a big listing agent, get this into your toolbox stat so you can deliver more leads to your team; if you're a newer agent, tap into some bigger listing agents and post one or two of these every week. Creating click-throughs and leads is the name of the game.

✅ Here's a little help from Inside Real Estate.

✅ Add this to your listing checklist now!

You have to be checklist-driven if you want to run your business like the best in the industry! Add these to your checklists, systematize all of this to start seeing results in your pipeline and bank account. These best practices will help you BUILD YOUR DATABASE which is 101 for a successful real estate practice.

> 101 is BUILD IT


> 103 is LOVE ON IT, cultivate the VIP's

kvCORE is a massive tool ... but you have to use it and drive it everyday! Don't be Cinderella with the pretty dress hoping Prince Charming will show up. You need to be Santa Claus out there with a bunch of elves delivering the goods!

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