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Coach Julie’s Top Recommendations to +++ Your First Year at eXp

& honestly, most of this would +++ your first year in real estate at any brokerage!

Most of the time, my blog posts are brokerage agnostic, by design; occasionally they are brand specific. Today's post is in direct response to a few conversations I have been having with agents the past few weeks. MOST of these tips will apply to any brokerage, your brokerage, and simply address how you are showing up. A few of these are brand specific.

If you are about to get your real estate license or are just entering your first year or, frankly, if you're a couple years in & do not yet have sound footing (I am a huge fan of simply starting over), this should help ...

1. Have fun! Congratulations on taking this important step with your business and your life … let’s have a blast this first year, shall we?! Let the adventure begin!

2. Pretend like it’s your first semester in grad school. Notice I did not say your first semester in college, because too often that looks like a lot of partying and finding yourself … we’re talking grad school because we are building your business and your life! Whenever you start something new, it’s a commitment and there is work and focus involved. Just set the expectation with yourself and your family that you are going to put in some extra time in these first few months. Your focus and effort will so pay off!

3. Follow the roadmap. The eXp onboarding team & the mentor team if you are in the mentor program) has provided you with a list, a roadmap of the classes & resources that will gear you up to be equipped and independent and productive. Carve out & prioritize & commit to the time in your schedule to plow through these courses as quickly as possible. Delaying these classes tends to result in panic later on when you have an immediate client need and realize you have not yet familiarized yourself with the tools to get it done. Your focus and effort will so pay off!

4. Start using your website & kvCORE right away. kvCORE is a powerful tool to help you run your business and is the technology behind your website. Your website name will most likely be in this format, Do your basic website set up (see roadmap above) and get your friends & family & sphere & past clients to register on your new website right away. Your focus and effort will so pay off!

5. Filter your email. You’re going to get a lot of email from all sorts of sources, including vendors. This is normal and some of it is important, some of it does not matter or at least does not matter now … but you have to filter through it, a bit. Do not hesitate to reach out to eXp Concierge Connect, your mentor, or your sponsor to ask any question about something that may land in your inbox that you are unsure about.

6. Connect, interact, build your village. I cannot emphasize this enough. Virtual does not mean you are an island … not even close. Start interacting with other eXp agents right away through your sponsor & his/her sponsor, through Workplace, and local face-to-face when available and start building your personalized village of agents that you consider resources, connections, and friends. Check Workplace every day or two for announcements and new posts in your groups. I strongly recommend joining numerous groups in Workplace such as:

  • MUST – your state group, your city group

  • SUGGESTED – kvCORE Discussion, eXp University, eXp University Library, Dum Dums Guide to eXp, eXp Referral Network, Real Estate 101

  • FIND YOUR NICHE – examples … eXp Asian Network, eXp Power Girls, Luxury Conversations, Book Club, Selling Like a Champion, and so many more … find a few that speak to you and start posting, commenting, and engaging.

7. Shout out loud!

This falls into the have-fun category, if you have not yet done so, shout it out loud to everyone you know that you now have a new broker, new tools & technology, and big goals! In other words, unapologetically promote yourself, your value, and your vibe! We are in a people-attraction business so how do you want to show up this year? Your focus and effort will so pay off!

Not yet with eXp & want to explore what it would look like for us to partner together? Or just want to have a conversation with a real estate coach? We can do that ... click HERE to schedule a call.

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