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2018 Podcast with Kevin Cottrell ... KW vs eXp

Kevin Cottrell is a big deal in real estate with an impressive resume consulting & coaching & building the industry. He ran KW market centers in Florida and moved to eXp around the same time I did. I was interviewed on his eXp Realty Explained podcast shortly after I joined eXp (I joined October 2017). This podcast was recorded in early 2018 and I just came upon the link in my notes this week & wanted to share, add it to the podcast playlist. It's basically a story of why I made the move to eXp Realty after 16 years with Keller Williams.

Kevin & I share a history with Keller Williams so this podcast conversation is a bit of Keller Williams vs eXp Realty & why we both made the move.

It was mostly a conversation about evaluating, or re-evaluating, career & industry options & do I just keep increasing my sales to build wealth or are there other buckets I can work on. Do I have residual income & wealth-building built into my overall plan ... or do I just keep selling real estate with pressure to sell more and more real estate forever. I coach agents on this stuff but realized I needed to coach myself!

Here's the podcast:

My intention was to stay at KW, but I also had blinders KW on, the sort of blinders where I really thought KW was the only way, the best way and I was stuck in that way of thinking. My coach said she would help me assess the situation & my options but only if I relaxed my blinders & approached the topic as neutrally as possible.

Here is a quote that stands out:

I always like to say when I'm talking to an agent is the best place for an agent to run their business is simply the best place for that agent to run their business. And if somebody is re-evaluating their brokerage choice it's a possibility that the best place for them is exactly where they're at. I think agents need to hear that because folks relax a little bit around the topic to say oh OK you know what that's a good point. So then you could have just an objective look at where you're at in your business what you need what you're currently getting, what other brokerage options may offer. And then what's the right fit for you ... So let's help people make really sound and objective decisions around where they're choosing to hang their license and the individual's needs.

I wasn't running away from something so my move was not an anti move. I wasn't running away from something I was moving towards a new opportunity and our industry changes. It evolves it changes and you have to pay attention. So the place you are today ... is it your intention to be there 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years from now? Are you building enough savings & wealth to move toward retirement? Or if you younger than I am - so many of you are - are you on the fast-track to building your business & building your bank?

We should probably chat ... I promise you, I am a safe person to have this conversation. I'll only recruit you if you want me to. Rather, the coach in me will simply ask you questions ... it's about you, not about me.

We want great agents to make great decisions.

You can click here to schedule a quick call to discuss your career path.

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